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Mission & History


Mission Statement
To serve the community by lending hands of support to seniors, those with disabilities, and youth in need regardless of race, nationality, religion, or creed.


Vision Statement
ABC Men’s Vision is to inspire an atmosphere of service by allowing our actions/deeds to speak more than our words.



Able Body Christian Men or simply ABC Men Inc. was birthed on a snowy Wednesday morning (9:50am) on December 29, 2010 right before the intersection of 60th and Arch Street in West Philadelphia. At this intersection, Jackie (Director & Cofounder) noticed people shoveling snow off their side walks while other homes had snow.


It was then the Holy Spirit laid a thought in a form of a question, “What about the seniors? Who’s helping them shovel snow off their cars, sidewalks, drive ways, etc?” He answered the question with “I can do it”. It was upon this foundation, a husband and wife team put their various passions together and decided to serve not only seniors but those with disabilities  and youth in need regardless of race, nationality, religion or creed. ABC Men Inc. was incorporated on Jan 31, 2011. We received our 501c3 status in 2012.


The “MEN” in ABC Men refers to “Mankind”. It includes men and women. ABC Men Inc’s volunteers are committed men and women living in and around the Philadelphia area. Volunteers play a key role in executing the mission and vision of the organization.

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